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Why Partner with BSRLabs ?

BSR LABS is a leading chain of reference pathology laboratories across Central and Eastern India. We have introduced a new model to deliver the sophisticated & quality driven pathology service.
Based on the individual needs of our partner practices and laboratories, we offer a wide array of world-class support services, including sophisticated business support, access to capital for liquidity and/or growth, and selected esoteric or subspecialty pathology services.

We look forward to your association with us……

To experience our services with cutting edge technology, world class equipment and dedicated Customer Care.

The Central and Regional Clinical Labs are designed based on International norms pertaining to safety, infrastructure, environment, back-ups, waste management, disaster recovery, etc. All the labs are being equipped with high end infrastructure to handle the clinical samples effectively and efficiently, allowing for delivery of high quality, rapid services, thus maintaining highest customer satisfaction levels. Due to the high level of technology and computerization, samples are processed both efficiently and economically and most of the results are available with 24 hrs from receipt of samples at the lab.

BSR HealthCare offers wide range of services with more than 500 tests covering the entire spectrum of diagnostic testing needs:

  • Diagnostic Services
    • Clinical Chemistry
    • Hematology
    • Immunology
    • Serology
    • Clinical Microbiology
    • Clinical Pathology
    • Histology and Cytology
    • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Hospital Laboratory Management
    • Access to over 500 tests
    • Technology up gradation with minimal investment
    • Online SOPs to maintain quality and decrease turnaround time
    • Prepare the laboratory for quality certifications
    • Improve Profits by reducing un-wanted costs and increasing efficiency
  • Health & Wellness Programs
    • Comprehensive Health packages based on age, risk factors and job profiles
    • Pre-employment health Check-ups
    • Dedicated health packages for individuals based on age and health history
    • Comprehensive packages for Diabetes, Heart diseases etc.
    • Customized services and central lab facilities for insurance companies

The key reasons why many pathologists, Service Providers and others choose to partner with BSR Labs.

We provide our partners with the tools they need to find, qualify and propose high quality deals which capitalize on our open standards-based diagnostic solutions and multiple test options to open up new pathology opportunities maximize patient's value and set you apart from the competition.

Reduce Your Cost of Doing Business

Our services are simple to deploy, easy to support and backed by our nation wide support resources i.e. online report , sample collection 24*7, which enable our partners to minimize costs & time.

Optimize Your Margins

Our direct client attachment Program, as well as from our selective partnership strategy which ensures our partners rarely find themselves competing against Market for the same deal and that means margins remain strong and predictable.

Fortify Your Future Success

We are a financially strong company that is committed to grow through continuous innovation and updation in pathology.

Team with a Market Leader

We are a leading chain of hospitals and diagnostic centers in Central and Eastern India and planning to come up in 40+ cities in India with a history of innovation, critically acclaimed technology, and award-winning solutions that enhance your business credibility.

If you believe you have what it takes to succeed in the expanding Unified pathology market - or if you find your current relationships do not provide you with the business opportunities you need n- it's time to consider BSR Labs.

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