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Conditions of Reporting

  • The reported results are for information and interpretation of the referring doctor medical professionals who understand units, reference ranges and limitations of technologies. BSR LABS will not be responsible for any interpretation whatsoever.
  • It is presumed that the test(s) performed are, on the specimen(s) sample(s) belonging to the patient named or identified and the verification of the particulars have been carried out by the patient or his/her representative at the point of generation of the said specimen(s) sample(s).
  • The results of tests may vary from lab to lab and also from time to time for the same parameters for the same patient. Assays are performed in accordance with standard procedures. The reported results are dependent on individual assay methods, equipment used, method specificity, sensitivity, drug interaction and the quality of the specimen(s) sample(s) received.
  • Should the results indicate an unexpected abnormality, reconfirmation shall be sought. A repeat investigation may be entertained within 72 hrs from the time of testing on request by the client.
  • Histopathology specimen(s) sample(s) will be preserved for one month from the date of the testing whereas slides/reports for five years. Other clinical specimen(s) sample(s) will be discarded after seven days from the date of testing, unless otherwise specified by the client during sample registration, for preservation for longer period. Such preservation shall be subject to sample integrity.
  • Neither BSR LABS nor its directors/employees/representative assume any liability, responsibility for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person including the patient, as a result of assuming the meanings of contents of the report.
  • The Reports are not valid for Medico-legal purposes.
  • Claims if any, are subject to Dist Durg (C.G.) India Jurisdiction.